Why You Shouldn’t Go Broke Over A Wedding?

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When we hear the word “wedding”, the very first thing that pops up in our minds is luxury, grace, and of course, love. Even though a wedding ought to be the culmination of love, the great manifestation of the couple’s bonding and a symbol of eternity, there isn’t a single human being who wouldn’t think about what to wear, what present to bring, how much money to spend on accommodation, and so on.

And what about the bride and the groom? Instead of celebrating their love, they end up quarreling about which vendor to hire in order not to break the budget, which is already quite limited.

Put simply, weddings should be dazzling and memorable, but do they necessarily have to be so extravagant and costly? There is a way to balance things off and find the silver lining of having a mesmerizing event without having to worry about paying the rent the next month. So, if you are in doubt about whether it’s a smart idea to spend a fortune on one day and go broke over a wedding, here are a few insightful ideas that would help you clear those thoughts.

Financial Well-being and Weddings

Let’s face it, weddings are utterly stressful, especially for a bride. Among the plethora of questions a bride-to-be has to ask herself, the most important one must be related to the financial side of it all.

Hence, a bride should first wonder how to save money on her wedding and still retain her sanity.

The added stress around wedding planning and organization is inevitable, however, when you need to go picking the dress, tasting the cake, trying shoes, and at the same time having to worry about whether you will have funds to cover your expenses, you will go crazy.


Just imagine having to spend all your savings, take a loan from the bank, or beg your parents to help out so you could pay for the ravishing venue and decor that would be torn out the next day. It doesn’t sound very logical, does it?

Your financial sanity mustn’t suffer over one day, nor must your guests’s, and for that matter, you should make a clear financial plan, steadily mark every single step, get quotes from various vendors, and do whatever is necessary to avoid going into debt for the wedding.

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Choosing Your Future Over One Day

Weddings are often envisioned as grand celebrations, marking the union of two people in love. However, the societal pressure to host extravagant weddings has led many couples and their families into significant debt. This financial burden, stemming from a single day’s event, can have lasting repercussions, affecting marital stability and overall financial health.

The desire for a perfect wedding is understandable. It’s a day to celebrate love and commitment, often surrounded by family and friends. Yet, the cost of such celebrations has soared in recent years. From elaborate venues and catering to designer dresses and extensive guest lists, the expenses can quickly spiral out of control. Many couples resort to taking out loans or depleting their savings to fund their dream wedding, not realizing the long-term financial strain this can impose.

Debt from a wedding can lead to immediate financial stress. Couples may find themselves starting their married life with substantial financial obligations, which can cause tension and anxiety. Financial issues are one of the leading causes of marital discord, and beginning a marriage with a significant debt can set a precarious foundation.

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Moreover, focusing on a single day can detract from planning for the future. The funds spent on an extravagant wedding could be better invested in a down payment for a home, starting a family, or building an emergency fund. Prioritizing long-term financial stability over a lavish one-day event can ensure a more secure and harmonious future together.

By choosing to focus on the future rather than just one day, couples can start their married life on solid financial footing, paving the way for a healthier and happier relationship.

A wedding can be cute, memorable, and inexpensive for both the newlyweds and the guests, and the secret lies in taking mindful financial restraints.

If your spending habits are the opposite, there is no need to change your habits just to contemplate some “modern” wedding trends. Hence, take a step back and come up with ways to not overspend.

Try to follow some journal prompts for a money mindset such as establishing a clear relationship with money, determining your financial goals, and wondering if spending so much money on a wedding would change your lifestyle.

The Evolution of Wedding Expectations: How Did We Get Here?

In the past, the bride and groom would only need to appear at the altar and just go with the flow, as their parents would do all the “dirty” work for them. What’s more, in some other cultures, the newlyweds would be obliged to give back the presents or money they received to their parents, who had paid for all the things related to the wedding.

Consequently, weddings used to be about love and respect – no glamor, no financial shipwrecks, no stress. So, how have I reached the point of organizing a lavish party with thousands of guests, luxurious decor, and top-notch catering? And above all, why are wedding dresses so expensive?

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The answer is simple – trends! If anything, over the years, wedding trends have shifted from ordinary to extraordinary in a blink of an eye, and it is all closely related to the outburst of technology and social media.

Nowadays, it’s become utterly easy to find a sensational wedding dress with just one click of a button.

Not to mention that you can now easily check out some posts from influencers and have a clear idea of how to decorate the venue, which wedding cake to choose, what wedding theme to go for, and utilize some tricks. But this costs a lot of money…

Celebrating Love, Not Luxury

Setting boundaries is the very first step to not going broke over a wedding. Although it would be amazing to have a reception on a gorgeous desert island or have both a DJ and a band and hire a cocktail master alongside a mouthwatering buffet, is that really you?

Your guests are there to celebrate the union of two people who are madly in love, and nobody would say a word if they got salmon for an appetizer instead of a lobster.

Weddings are being held to show your friends and family that you are ready to commit to one another for the rest of your lives, and not to have them eat two-hundred-dollar creme brulee.

Therefore, make the wedding all about celebrating your love and union rather than spending an insane amount of money trying to impress the guests with sleek silver cutlery.

The Charm of Intimate Weddings

Lavish and sensational doesn’t always mean expensive and sleek. On the contrary, you can have a classy wedding without having to spend a fortune on it. The trick lies in delegating your funds, not going to a full-frontal event with porcelain plates and silverware, but rather transferring your funds to create a cozier and more intimate event.

Invite your close friends, family, and relatives to a charming architectural villa where you will hold an exquisite reception with a few seasonal flowers and paper lanterns, as decor is far more charming than flashy ballrooms and expensive catering.

Intimate weddings are all about celebrating love and unity and not focusing on what people would wear, how much money to set aside for traveling to and from the reception, and so on.

How to save money on a wedding?

If you are wondering how to save money on a wedding, pay attention closely. Some of the best money-saving tips include planning, organization, and delegation.

First, think about repurposing your grandma’s old wedding dress and giving it a new flair instead of renting a new one. Then, think about having an old-style reception at a barn or a vintage country house instead of a high-end hotel.

Also, hire vendors that are experienced, but not renowned or expensive. And lastly, think about the guest’s preferences and wishes rather than hiring, for instance, an expensive photo booth if your guests and relatives are introverted and not so keen on fun things at a wedding.

Ask for quotes, get some good referrals, embrace the word-of-mouth strategy, and never settle for trends, just because it’s written on the web or somebody else has done it. Do your research and think outside of the box.

Embracing Simplicity and Authenticity

All in all, cheap but lovely, intimate but dreary, small but luminous, simple but authentic, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. You might spend only a thousand bucks on the wedding decor to make it look like a million-dollar extravaganza – who could tell?

Authentic weddings will always be far more dominant than extravagant weddings, simply due to the fact that they are genuine yet stellar and jaded.

To conclude everything stated, you shouldn’t go broke over a wedding just because it’s illogical and unnecessary.

You won’t keep the wedding dress, you won’t be able to bring flowers home, you won’t be able to enjoy the venue as you would be either nervous or stuck taking photos with your guests, and, above all, you will be too busy enjoying your party and dancing the night away!

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