10 Things Productive GRRRLS Do Before 10 AM

Rise and shine Upper East Siders…Or better yet, all the Serena Van Der Woodsen and Carrie Bradshaw it grrrls of the world. 

Before you put that Fenty Beauty glows on your skin and a notebook planner in your bag, there’s something else you should be “dressing up” before 10 AM – a positive and productive mind that starts the day off better than any Iced Coffee to-go ever could. Now that’s just one of many habits of productive people across the globe. 

That’s right! Before we get up and going, it’s important to get the mind up and running. Besides, haven’t you ever wondered just how all those industry-defining female entrepreneurs do it? The hyperfocus of today is gathering all the juiciest tips and tricks from Forbes’ “not so secret” secret society of powerful and independent women. 


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We all love a gentle “Good Morning” text or some feel-good sensation early in the day. But since we can’t predict the ways of the Universe, or at least that’s a topic for a completely different blog, we can leave little positive notes by and for ourselves!

Every night before bed, write a cute and short reminder for yourself to read when you wake up. But don’t do it on your smartphone, write it down on a sticky note, and make sure that’s the first thing you see in the morning. From one powerful and leading lady to another, here’s Selena Gomez to show you how she does it!

1. Speaking of Smartphones, ditch ‘em!

There have been numerous studies and articles regarding the poor side-effects our cellphones may have on both our physical and mental health!  And despite experts calling it a big morning No-No, we still tend to do it every day. It’s time to change that, immediately.  Online content and social media have had and continue to have a tremendous influence on most people who consume fast information on a daily basis.  In other words, you never know what corner of the internet can end up messing with your psyche, especially the second you open your eyes and roll out of bed. 

2. The Holy Trio of mornings – Water, Breakfast, and To-Do Lists

Once you’ve taken your morning dose of positive and wishful thinking, along with some daily vitamins, of course, it’s time to get the metabolism up and running too! A glass or two of water early in the morning can boost your metabolism and prep you for a nice day of running around and conquering the world, you know? That, with a nicely balanced breakfast, like some super tasty avocado toast or apple cinnamon oatmeal will wake your body up! 

After you’re done with those morning musts, it’s time to sit down, put on a positive Spotify playlist for the soul and start writing your goals for the day. This is exactly how to be more productive in a world of distraction. A cup of coffee along with that would really seal the deal, by the way!

4. Meditation and Excersize is a Game-Changer

Jennifer Anniston and many more of Hollywood’s golden grrrls can’t stress enough how essential daily exercise or meditation is. We’ve boosted the mind, the soul, and even the workload for the day – now it’s time to actually get up and running.  This could be a 20 minute Yoga workout on your living room floor or a long walk (with or without your pup) around the city. Regardless of your choice of psychical expression, along with disciplined, productive and positive thinking, that indeed is a match made in Grrrl power heaven!

Plus, the benefits of working out in some shape, way, or form every day are off the charts when it comes to health.  Never forget, a successful woman is a healthy one first and foremost! 

5. Wave that Comfort Zone Goodbye!

Here’s a great way of leaving everything that’s holding you back behind. Are you scared of leaving your job for a new one? Too stressed out to “Get Out There”? Is love a forgotten tale in your books? 

We don’t refer to those as “problems”, we call them stale and fearful ways of thinking. A.k.a, your incredibly uncomfortable comfort zoneAnd here’s the hyperfocus…Change doesn’t happen inside that little bubble of yours. It can only happen once you step out of it, no matter how scary things may seem on the outside. 

Now, you don’t have to take massive steps and leaps of fate to get somewhere. But small, baby steps, every morning of every day is what will eventually lead you to things you only once referred to as “Impossible”.  So better go and get those comfort zone running shoes and pray that your stamina is bigger than your doubts!

6. Get the words “I can’t” out of your Vocabulary! 

There is no such thing as “I can’t do it”. Has it been done before? How badly do you want it? Wait a minute, have you ever even tried doing it? If the answer to that last one is “No”, we suggest a very healthy, positivity-based medication called “Yes, I can”The instructions are pretty simple too! All you have to do is take the “Absolutely, I can” pill every single morning and after a while, you will start believing what was once so “hard to swallow”. 

Trust us, 100% of the world’s doctors and psychologists recommend this medication! 

7. A Clean House for a Clean Mind

Recent studies have shown that a tidy bed, bedroom, and overall apartment is the best recipe for a peaceful state of mind. Experts would even go as far as saying that making your bed the second you get out of it is a minor healthy habit that could make all the difference in your daily life. 

The same goes for the rest of your house, it’s a direct reflection of how chaotic your life can actually get.  So, to add another idea to the list of healthy daily activities, doing chores around the house every day is a must! Or better yet, make sure your house is nice and tidy before you leave for work. This way, you know you’ll be coming home to a blissful little Ikea furnished temple, filled with those irresistible fake plants and autumn scented candles. 

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8. Skincare, Skincare, and more Skincare!

One of the biggest and “trendier” things we’ve created in 2020, other than wearing masks and washing your hands, is a good skincare routine!  Every night and day, all the Instagram it grrrls and socialites know how to treat their skin. So, before the clock hits that 10, your face better already be washed, prepped, and moisturized! 

Additionally: Never. Forget. About. Sunscreen! We all love and need that good vitamin D, but girrrl…Never forget to put a little bit of sunscreen underneath your makeup before leaving the house!  Your 50-year-old self will thank you dearly!

9. Women uplift other Women!

A little competition is great, and even healthy for us every now and then. But do you know what’s even healthier? Supporting your fellow girlies, whether it’s regarding their looks or business-oriented career goals! We’re all for a strong and independent woman in the work field, but we often forget how isolating life can get that way. Especially when you toast your victories alone sometimes. 

Check on your girlfriends, send them a funny meme or even a product recommendation in the morning. It can only end in mutual happiness and one heck of morning laughter! And that’s one of the best habits of productive people, or in our case, grrrls!

Source: Pexels.com

10. Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes

In this day and age, it’s very easy to fall under the fast-paced nature of social media, and then mistake it for real life.  In reality, nothing can be Facetuned and polished to perfection. Humans are flawed, lazy and sometimes, we have the right to take a morning off and snooze until 10 AM.  It is okay because we know our goals, we know who we are and that’s exactly where we’re headed. 

But today, tomorrow, or next week, we’ll allow ourselves to make a mistake along the way because that’s what productive Grrrls do.   We work, conquer and learn from every single step back that’s bound to happen. So, in the famous and cheeky lyrics by another leading lady of 2021: 

“If the shoe fits, walk in it ’til your high heels break!” – Taylor Swift

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