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TikTok has become a force so influential, both pop culture and influencer marketing budgets have been under its inventive wing ever since it made it big.  Although a place where many celebs recreate trends and challenges, this platform was also the birthplace of many new faces we have come to know in recent years.

But in midst of all of that social media clout, so many creative ‘’everyday” folks have shared their Tiktok beauty secrets with us. Some were not so useful, however, others have successfully made their debut in our blog. And trust us, these hacks actually work! And we know this for a fact because we’ve tried them all!

So without any further ado, let’s begin ladies and gents.

1. Setting Powder Before Foundation

Yeah, we know…We were a tad hesitant when we heard this one too, but boy is it a good hack when you’re looking to have flawless skin for a messy night out.

A lot of the time, when you “stack up” on a foundation for a night out, time is not your friend sis. The more time passes or the wilder the night gets, it usually ends up creasing, breaking through, or looking very oily.  This hack was created in hopes of preventing such makeup disasters, leaving you with a beat face and a stress-free night out.

Here’s the tea:

Once you’ve washed your face and moisturized it, add your go-to primer. You can go with whatever type or brand you prefer, but a little birdie told us the Milk Hydro Grip Primer is one of the best TikTok products on the block; so you might want to look into it.

Either way, once your face is all set, it’s time to gracefully add some loose setting powder. And again, we know how crazy it sounds, but just trust the process!

Once the powder is set, get rid of the excess and spray some hydrating setting spray. After it has dried out, add your foundation with a damp beauty blender, and voila! You can add another layer of setting spray, just to keep it safe.

But don’t trust us, try it out and let us know what you think!

2. Before foundation Vol. 2: Contour and Blush

Yes, we are here again, but please bear with us! This trend was a little fishy for us too, but if done correctly, boy does it do wonders.  So, here’s how to do it:

Once your face is prepped and primed, you know the drill, add cream couture first, the Kim Kardashian way. On your cheekbone, forehead, and below your jaw. We hear Fenty Beauty’s match stick contour is one of the best players in the game right now.

Blush is next, so prepare yourself. You also want to go with a cream blush and place it on the top of your cheeks and a little over your nose. For this step, GRRRL’s favorite pick is the Rare Beauty Soft Liquid Blush! It’s been going viral on TikTok due to its insane pigmentation; it’s probably one of the best TikTok beauty products out there right now!

But anyway, back to the tutorial; If you look like a bleached tomato, don’t worry, you’re going in the right direction.

@lenkalulvideo ib: @sellmakasumoviq @hxlindx looked better than i expected haha #makeup #makeupvideos #makeuphacks #fyp♬ Ski Mask The Slump God – Foot Fungus – Kiersten

Now it’s finally time for foundation and seemingly eternal blending. After you look like your actual skin tone, add some concealer in a lighter shade, set, spray, and voila! You might look a little pinkier than usual, but we call it a good sunkissed look.

3. Adding eyeshadow to your hairline

That’s right! We absolutely love this TikTok makeup hack! If you find a shade that’s a really close match to your hair color, you can fill in any small bold spots in a matter of minutes.  It leaves your hair and scalp looking fuller and more voluminous overall. It’s so worth the extra five minutes, believe us.

All you want to do is gently dap the eyeshadow onto your scalp with a flat and chunky brush. And don’t worry if it’s a bit messy, you can always clean it up with a bit of concealer.  Also try not to go full coverage with it, as we want it to look as natural as possible! 

4. A New Way To Put Fake Lashes?

Some of our TikTok friends have shown us a very natural, if you will, approach to fake lashes. And they don’t even have to be some very expensive, mink lashes per se; as long as you have the glue, we’ll be good to go. Now the trick here is to do the exact opposite of what you usually do. Traditionally, you’d add your lashes on top of your natural ones and call it a day…Not today though.

Here, the trick is to add the fake lashes under your own, creating a more natural and effortless look.  And if you’re wondering which eyelashes to use, Ulta has your back! These Tiktok Ulta products have also been going viral on the platform due to their price and quality.  Now, you’re probably wondering how safe this is…Well, it isn’t the best and smartest makeup trick out there, but we sure have tried worse, let’s not lie here folks. 

5. Get the Bella Hadid Eyebrows Without Surgery

Now, this one is a bit out there for a lack of a better term. We’ve all seen those surgically created fox eyes and lifted eyebrows because they look fantastic!


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And although this trick involves no surgical knives or utensils, it does involve a razor…A shaving razor. 

The trend goes something like this: Shave the very ends of your eyebrows in order to drag them out and draw them a bit higher when you fill them in, achieving that fox-eye look. 

And again, this one is a bit out there, but if you ever wanted to get that look and not actually go through surgery, here’s a more temporary option for your folks at home.

6. Soap Brows!

This is maybe our favorite trend that originated on Tiktok. So many girls and boys have tried and fell in love with soap brown, which by the way, are so cheap to obtain!

All you need is a brow brush and a bar of soap! Of course, we also have some products that were made to give you the same effects, like the Ownest 2PCS Eyebrow Soap Kit; that one is probably the most famous one from the bunch, worn by many online celebs like Madison Beer!

Plus, it’s so easy to actually do it. Just take your brush, spray some setting spray on the soap and scoop a bit from the surface. Once you do, gentry place it on your eyebrows in an upwards motion, just like Madison is doing it in the Vogue Beauty Secrets video above.

Once you do that, you can take a makeup wipe snd to clean any access soap above and below your eyebrows. Put some setting spray to set the girl in the place, and you’re done!

All of these trends are a hit in our books, but everyone’s taste is different.  If you are an average TikTok enjoyer, odds are you have already seen some of these beauty hacks, but why not try them out too?!  If you’re too scared, or if this is way outside of your comfort zone, you can always try these out when you have nowhere to go. Anf if you end up liking it, well, you are then very welcome!

Make sure to let us know, both how it turned out and what products you used! 

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