10 Habits of Successful Women You Should Adopt

10 Habits of Successful Women You Should Adopt

I know we all have that one incredibly successful woman in mind when we think of inspiration for what we want to become.

For some, it is our mothers, teachers, or even friends. For others, it is successful women we see on screens, in books, or even with fictional characters we would like to resonate with.

Successful women are all around us. And the habits of successful women are all around them, very visible for us to see and take notes on.

I would even say it is somewhat easy to find a good candidate to be your inspo, but how do we take upon such important tasks through their methods and instruction? That’s what this blog is all about actually: highly successful women and their habits!

So, without any further ado, here’s what we’ve got in store for you on how to be a powerful woman.

1. Check your Mental Health!

We talk about mental health so much, but how many of us are actually in check and in tune with our innermost thoughts and feelings? Genuinely happy and successful people generally make sure they are doing well internally so that they can do even better externally.

Different strokes for different folks – you have to find what works best for you.

For example, becoming a true morning person, with routines and to-do lists is what works for most of us, truly! When you go to sleep at a reasonable time, get your classic 8 hours, have a protein-filled breakfast, loads of water, and vitamins? Do that for a couple of weeks and see how your mood and overall appearance can change.

Furthermore, talking to a therapist is extremely beneficial for your overall well-being. Being able to discuss what makes you sad, happy, or angry, with someone completely outside of your regular circle is very freeing. Plus, there is zero judgment involved too. Sometimes, we don’t even know what’s holding us back until we let these things out!

2. Setting Doable Goals

Successful girls set realistic, yet challenging goals. Ones that positively provoke their critical thinking, work ethic, as well as their success expectations. Now, that’s what makes a woman powerful.

This is not to say you should constantly and ever-changing try to one-up yourself, but a small, yet doable challenge is more than welcome, as well as necessary. It helps us not lose our condition when it comes to chasing dreams and success. It also helps us receive that dopamine rush whenever we complete any goal we’ve set. And since we’re not really shooting for the stars here, just trying to be happy under a few, it shouldn’t be that heavy of a burden.

3. Successful Women Stay Grateful

No matter how much you manage to conquer, gratitude and humbleness are always great virtues to have. The most successful women don’t allow their success to go over their heads, as they are sincerely grateful for all the things they have accomplished.

A lot of girlies with this success mindset try to write 3-5 things they are grateful for, every single day. In the morning or evening – you can add that little feature to your journal, which is also handy to keep, FYI.

Habits of Successful Women

4. Accepting Failure as a Part of the Process

Success and successful people have had their fair share of downs. Maybe even more than ups. Yes, we all try to avoid failure as much as we can, but the harder you try and the further you are from your comfort zone, the bigger the odds you’ll find yourself falling.

Maybe it’s your fault, maybe it is just the circumstances you were in – it doesn’t matter. Successful women know when they fall, and they know what to remember and learn from that.

I guess the most important aspect here is to accept imperfection as a part of anything, even success. The more acceptance you have, the better your success will make you feel.

5. Killing With Kindness

As a successful woman, it is very easy to make enemies wherever you go. It’s even easier to lose your cool and kindness whilst dealing with some of these folks. Now, this isn’t to say to allow people to treat you badly, very far from it. But responding to hate, or counter-responding, really, with kindness is your best, most graceful comeback.

Words are very powerful, so try to use them by being kind and clever – that’s the lifestyle of a successful woman, not the latter.

6. Encouraging and Uplifting Others

Yup, this one is especially for our all-girls team. Successful women love to practice uplifting other women around them. It is the best way for girls to stick together.

Plus, when you reach this newfound level of knowledge and experience, many women around you could use a helping hand, and could really benefit from it.

So why not be a coach or player for the girl’s team?

Habits of Successful Women

7. Prioritizing the Most Important Tasks

As successful women, we sometimes take more than we can do, just multitaskers by nature, I suppose. And to be quite frank with you, having an active To-do list has genuinely saved my butt many times.

Especially when I have so much to do I completely lose track of everything. So, I make sure I do my most important tasks first and leave the rest for when the Sun isn’t so bright.

At the end of the day, it’s really fulfilling to check everything off of your list and go about your personal life stress-free.

8. Having a Steady, Yet Tight Friend Group

No matter how much some of us enjoy being alone, good friendships and relations are sometimes necessary for success. We need advice, comfort, and even criticism. We need someone to talk to us outside of our own heads.

And when you have a steel support system, it’s much easier to get through rough patches and emotional breakdowns. I mean, where would Ben Afleck be without Matt Damon, you know?

Habits of Successful Women

9. Managing Finances

Becoming good with finances and money, even when you haven’t reached your earnings goal, is the step in the right direction when it comes to self-discipline and all things around it.

This doesn’t have to mean cutting back or saving as your life depends on it. It just means that you’ll be using your smarts to create a monthly or weekly plan that would benefit you the most, without having to cut back from your favorite shops or restaurants. If you’re in your 20s we advise you read our article on how much should you save by your 30s, you may find some great tips.

Being smart with your money and prioritizing rent, bills, and whatever else necessities will give you more freedom with the rest of your cash.

Plus, we really do spend more on the things we don’t even need, so it’s very healthy to watch where our coins go from month to month!

10. Lastly, Showcasing Confidence

The best thing about confidence is that no one has to know whether you’re faking it or not. It can make or break the outcome of how you present yourself. It also leaves a very good impression, if not over the top, of course.

It makes you seem like you know exactly what you’re talking about, and that there is a lot of weight behind your words too. This is useful in almost any work-related project, and even outside of the office.

Always remember that your level of success will first and foremost depend on your perception of your own capabilities – so live by that, and success will come.

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