Let’s Talk Lube!

That’s right ladies, it’s time to ditch the insecurity and restrain when it comes to talking about the more “taboo” aspects of sex, or in this case, positions.

Yes, there’s a time and a place for everything, but that doesn’t mean that certain things have to remain in the back of our heads. It’s good and healthy to be informed about sex, or better yet, what you’re putting in and on your body. 

But before we get down and, quite literally, juicy…Before we answer what does lube do, let’s get this out of the way:

Using Lube is Perfectly Normal!

We get it, trying to break free from centuries of harmful and conservative ways of thinking is hard, especially for us women. But now, in 2021, we are finally fleeing from these so-called expectations and practices, which by the by, were not even set by women but by men! 

Some may even think, “Why is all this lube talk even so important”…FYI, according to a study from the University of Indiana, more than 70% of women stated how lube made their sex life better and more enjoyable!

Think of it this way, lubricants are more of a helping hand than anything else. But we’ll get into the psychology of it all later on too. 

So without any more unwanted and plainly wrong male opinions and any further ado…Here’s all you need to know about lubricants! From how to use lube, what to use as lube to even where to buy lube – We have the whole A-Z manual. 

What is Lube made of?

Before we get any metaphorically deeper into this conversation, let’s define what you are actually buying when purchasing lube. 

There are many types, but here are just some you should be aware of:

  • Water-based;
  • Oil-based;
  • Silicone;
  • Combination of all above;

Due to these various formulations, as well as, combos, you can definitely find a product that best suits your needs and, well, pleasures. So, what is the best lube for sex? That is entirely up to you, or you and your partner. Depending on if you’re giving a solo performance or a duet.


Just Wet or Water-based?

Probably being the most versatile of the bunch, water-based lubricants can pretty much be used in and on any occasion. They can be used with toys and with or without condoms too! 

These guys are common attributes of tangled sheets because they don’t really strain, they’re easy on the skin, and are fairly affordable, both in sex stores and online.  The Blossom Organic Natural Moisturizing Lubricant is just one of the more popular products within this category.

Similar to Skincare products, water-based ones like Aloe Vera are extremely sensitive skin-friendly. Additionally, most water-based products are also scentless, for those wondering. 

Speaking of scents, some want to feel the heaviness in the air, so…

Are You Ready to Oil It Up?

For those of you who don’t like being interrupted while dancing with the devil, Oil-based lubricants are a gift that keeps on giving. Quite literally. This bad boy is known to be extremely long-lasting, and as we ladies know, that’s sometimes quite hard to come by…It’s hard to come at all?!

So, if you’re interested in NOT reapplying the lube over and over again, give this 8oz worth of pleasure a try: Gun Oil Silicone.

Important tip: Oil lubes are all fun and games when it comes to massages, but there are a few downsides such as staining, skin reactions, as well as condom breakage! It’s important to remember that oil-based lubricants don’t really go together with latex condoms, so best to stay away from the mix. 

Remember grrrls, just because he lasts long doesn’t mean he’s a keeper!

Silicone Valley, anyone?

Silicone-based lube is known to be extremely well for sensitive skin, which is why most folks like to experiment with it. It’s hypoallergenic! Additionally, this gentle helper is also known for being long-lasting. Sounds like a full package in our books. 

They are very condom-friendly, but sadly aren’t the best match when it comes to toys. So maybe pull this one out when both players are down to play? Additionally, if you’ve ever wondered what is the best lube for anal sex, this just might be your guy.

The 1.6 Oz Überlube Luxury Lubricant knows exactly what we mean. It seems to be the real soft yet spicy deal, or so say many of its regulars.

Source: Pexels

As you can see, there are many types you can pick and choose from…Whatever floats your boat, or in this case, whatever shakes your bed or livens your back yard.  All in all, it’s very important to be aware and knowledgeable about all the ingredients before putting anything on and in your body. 

Now let’s actually get to what’s fun and sticky: How to apply lubricants for females, or better yet, how to put on lube in the first place.

How To Apply Lube

Lubing it up the right way is half the job done in all honesty. But the placement in question requires the following answers: Is it for masturbation or actual sex?  Regardless of your player status, you can add it on any generalia and/or toy, with the amount being completely up to you and your Va-jay-jay.

As to how to warm up the lube, your hands are the best men for that rubbing job. As optional as this step is, lube does tend to be a little cold on the skin. But to each their own because according to Marylin Monroe and her castmates, some really do like it hot.


So, if you’re still wondering what is the best lube for sex, the choice is truly up to you. Depending on your skin, moisture, and toy or partner of choice, whatever brings you the most comfort and pleasure is the best choice possible. 

Now that’s a philosophy formed way beyond just sex and lube, but that’s a whole other grrrly blog topic we’ll probably be writing about too. 

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