The Law of Attraction – What is Manifestation and How it Works

We all have goals in life, right? We plan, daydream and hustle as much as we possibly can; but sometimes, we can’t help but feel like we’re not or haven’t gone enough.  Well, what if I told you there’s a little gem the universe had been waiting for us to find. What if you could make all of your biggest dreams come true, with none other than your own mind.

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We all know a mind is a powerful tool, no questions there; but how powerful is it, and how capable are we to explore the possibilities. 

“Just like magic, middle finger to my thumb and then I snap it”, sang Ariana Grande in her hit song “Just like Magic”. In other words, if you feed the more positive thoughts in your head, they will be the ones who end up existing in the real world. And it’s no harder than snapping your fingers apparently. “I get everything I want ‘cause I attract it”, she continued as the chorus came to an end. 

Manifestation is not magic, and it most certainly isn’t “lying to yourself” either. Before we get into the really good stuff, let’s be clear on what Manifestation actually is!

The Devil Works Hard, But I Manifest Harder!

“Manifesting” is a decorative word for practising positive patterns of thinking, creating it into a lifelong habit. It also channels attraction to good things and dreams from a single thought to reality. 

Now, this isn’t anything new, nor is it a TikTok trend; Manifestation has been prominent throughout human history, varying from culture to culture, tackling both spirituality and religion. You could even argue Manifestation is a form or “subgenre” of praying. 

Now whether you’re speaking to God, the Universe or Mother Nature is irrelevant, everyone has their faith in something. It’s the energy and thought you put into these little conversations that really matter.  Supermodel Ashely Graham said it best:

“If you’re manifesting all of these big dreams and you have all these big goals, but you’re going behind your own back, talking to yourself in the mirror and saying:” God you really suck and you really are dumb, you really need to get it together, you have nothing going on for yourself”…What are you doing?! Not only are you blocking your own blessings, but you’re blocking your future!”

Manifestation may seem like a play in the park at first glance, but it is much harder than it meets the eye…Or mind in this case. Having to compose positive thoughts all the time, even at your lowest low is no walk in the park. Unless walking in the park helps you relax and focus, then yes, go do that.

Jennifer Lopez, another powerful manifestor once said she sometimes has to force positive thoughts in order to stay on track. There’s no other way around it. And even if your faith is a bit questionable, there truly isn’t any harm to any of it. Imagine this, even if you don’t end up getting what you manifested so hard for, you certainly aren’t left empty-handed. 

From all of that positive, though channelling practice, you’d be surprised how much your mind’s thinking patterns and habits can change. We wouldn’t really say that’s nothing.  Among the deep-fried memes he posts, Elon Musk has once said: “I’d rather be optimistic and wrong than pessimistic and right.”

Just imagine always being on the bright side, never giving up, feeding ambition and drive, not fear, and having the utmost faith in life and what it has in store for you. Imagine finding beauty in everything; that’s where Manifestation could take you, not just towards physical success and money.

Why Is Manifesting Good For You?

Despite living in the most progressive society there ever was, allegedly, we seem to be more fearful and pessimistic as time goes on. And it’s not just a poetic portion of the blog, it’s backed up by statisticsIt’s hard to comprehend the fact that folks are less happy today than they were in the midst of World Wars and other roots of destruction. 

And sure, we can blame it on technology, Social Media specifically…But why abandon one of the essences of our society’s progressiveness when we can just change our point of view? It’s not easy, but it sure is easier than many things our ancestors had to survive and go through. 

Manifestation is a good way to get from that point A to point B. Creating optimism where it may seem there isn’t any. Finding ways to go through life believing you will attract what is meant for you, without wasted chasing. It’s a real piece of hard work, but it couldn’t be more worth it. 

“Thoughts are the biggest source of power for change”, said Oprah Winfrey, a very “powerful manifestor”, in her own words. Her speeches and outlook on manifestation deserve a whole separate blog, but we will be discussing some of her ideas here.

Redesigning the patterns your thoughts fill up can genuinely change your life. “Creating thoughts into reality”; it’s not as impossible as it may seem. If you truly believe in something, put a lot of hard work and faith into it, who’s to say it already isn’t real?

Vision Boards and other Gems

Vision Boards are quite literally thoughts on a board. This practice makes you visualize your wishes and dreams by putting them on a board in a collage-like fashion, then hanging them on your wall.

Make sure your board is the first thing you see in the morning, and the last thing you see before you fall asleep. Additionally, try to be as specific as possible:

  • Want a better body? Add a celeb or person whose body you admire and seek to obtain. 
  • Want more money? Add an office space or job you would love to make all of that money in!
  • Love? Add your favorite TV or Movie couple to the board too!

The more specific your wishes and dreams are the better!


Many folks don’t really have the time, nor creativity to make a vision board, so they stick to the good ole pen and paper. Now there are many ways to go about it. You can write what you want in a couple of sentences, then repeat all of them several times in your notebook. 

You can also write to yourself from a “letter from the future” point of view. Tell yourself how proud you are or how you are amazing no matter what, etc. You can even say: “I’m so happy you decided to quit your job and find new things! And even if it’s hard in the beginning, trust me, this was for the very best. Just keep going!”

And with that, make sure to genuinely always keep going with your wishes.

How To Stay Positive

The whole point of manifestation is remaining positive, even when you don’t have the energy to get out of bed. The mind can be very overpowering, especially if you are prone to overthinking; so in light of that, here’s a little trick I know that may help.

Every time you feel like you can’t get something done like you have zero motivation, close your eyes and say “On the count of three. One, two, three.” And you just get up and get going. Zero though involved, you have no time or space to reflect on how shitty you feel. 

If you feel like not going to the gym, go to Pinterest and look at all the women you want to look like. If you have trouble studying, write down all the reasons why you want to get that diploma to begin with. Give your hustle a reason, and if that reason sometimes isn’t good enough, give it a purposeMake that purpose 10 times more important than the laziness or depression that’s holding you back. These are just thoughts, like any other. Show them to the door, and invite healthier ones in. 

Final Thoughts

We spend a lot of time putting ourselves down. Seriously, we spend SO MUCH time thinking negatively about many aspects of our own lives. Our body image, our health, our jobs, and success level, and everything in between.  When you are feeling really down, you are a personified collage of traumatic events, not yourself. In other words, you aren’t really criticizing yourself, are you? 

This positive twist on a rather chaotic universe and faith may just help and guide us towards the light during gloomy or rainy days. At the end of the day, you just might get everything you ever wished for.

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