The Power of Work Besties

TThe Power of Work Besties
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Have you ever had a work best friend? Someone who made even the shittiest of workspaces a delight to be a part of? I have, and those are some of the best work memories I have, despite absolutely hating the job we were both working at the time.

Not to mention the benefits of him introducing me to all the managers because he was working there longer than I have.

If you’re a bit introverted like me, it’s difficult to see any kind of upside to being open enough to get as close to someone from work. Especially if you’re not too fond of your job. So to us, how to make friends at work is a bit of a hard question.

Well, worry no more because we’re bringing all the benefits and cuteness of work friendships to this blog, which may help you see things a bit differently.

You get better at your job

When you get close with one of your colleagues, even if you guys are not from the same team, it’s easier to bounce ideas back and forth. You get to ask questions without having the “is this the stupidest question asked by a human being” fear, because the conversations are much more relaxed than a convo you’d have with a manager for example.

Furthermore, the more pleasant your work environment is, with a work bestie for example, the better your results will get. When I compare my previous jobs, one where I didn’t really like my colleagues versus one where I loved them, the second one pushed me more to, well, do more and be better even.

The same goes for any living environment really, the better it is the happier you are and the better your performance gets. Regardless of the situation!

The Power of Work Besties
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You’re more relaxed

Girl, have you ever felt anxiety as Monday approached and Sunday is close to coming to an end? Only because you can already feel the amount of anxiety you’ll have during the workweek? Yeah, me too.

When you don’t have anyone to relate to, or even talk shit with at work, you get tense, emotionally. I mean, we’re talking 40 hours a week. And it’s not pleasant for your mental health to be spending those borderline alone. A big portion of it goes to your company’s policy, which drags the people’s relationships at work too.

Not to mention how you get to relax your brain from work terminology and change it up with celeb gossip or whatever else you guys love to talk about. It’s even hilarious how quickly I could go from google sheets, CRMs, ROIs, and shipment details to look how my cat took a shit on my sister’s pillow and slipped on it (it’s really funny by the way, it was one of our favorite coworker memes by far).

Having that one person you know will lift you up during that 30-minute lunch break is very relaxing. Because you know at least one person has your back, even when your work bestie is off for the day.

Say hello to networking

When I met my work bestie at my previous job, he introduced me to so many folks at the company because I was very new at the time. And fun fact, it was through that same person that I met the guy who found me the better job I had after that one. Crazy!

Not only do you get a person to talk to during lunchtime, but you also get someone that can open many doors for you, and vice-versa! You guys can go around and with a lot less stress introduce yourselves to many different teams and people who may be extremely helpful down the line.

My example is just one of many, so putting yourself out there, even when your work bestie leaves for example, is the best thing you can do for yourself.

The Power of Work Besties
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Unforgettable memories

I have this one vivid memory of us laughing so hard, that even the manager was pulled into our shenanigans and started laughing too. Like the best work bestie meme. We had this customer who, for a lack of a better term, wasn’t even aware of the products we were offering and was chatting nonsense on the phone.

Keeping in mind we were working night shifts and it was around 2 in the morning, I started imitating this person while my friend was on the call with him. We laughed so hard I even had a tear fall down my cheek, and honestly, it’s one of those core memories I’ll keep forever.

He made all the harsh night shifts genuinely funny and enjoyable, no matter how awful some of the customers were.

And despite me being in a much better place career-wise, I still look back at those moments with a lot of nostalgia and love.

Constructive criticism and advice

We’ve all met awful managers and folks who are just waiting for the perfect moment to yell at you. But with a work bestie, the atmosphere during work-related convos is much different.

They won’t dance around the truth and their words will be very helpful because they come with the best of intentions. Plus, you know you’ll do the same for them until you both get to better positions or even companies.

The Power of Work Besties
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Longterm adult friendships

I feel like we don’t talk about this enough: making friends when you’re a full-grown adult. Most of us have a lot of folks we call close friends from high school or people we grew up with. But not everyone has that and making all friendship convos about your childhood friends can be discouraging to some.

I’ve made much better friends at work than I ever did in school, no joke. And whoever says it is impossible to make long-term friends the later you are in life is incorrect and quite frankly, an idiot.

Not only are you “better equipped” to meet new people and have new connections, but you are more in tune with who you are and what you’re actually looking for in people. I relate to my work friends much more than I do with some high school ones, and it makes our time together much better overall.

So yes, having a work bestie can open many doors for you. It can even introduce you to a whole new way you look at friendships and being close to people. When I look at my mom, for example, all of her best friends are the women she met ten years ago, which was when she was around forty years old.

Long story short, workspace besties can help you at work, but can also grow to be some of the best friends and people you may ever have. So, don’t close that door all the way shut just yet.

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