Everything You Need to Style Your Bed Like a Home Designer

Your bed is called your sanctuary for a reason. It’s the core of your bedroom, where peace, serenity, and calmness should be your number one priority. Most of us, clumsily neglect that rather cozy aspect of both our sleeping and existing part of everyday life.

When the dust has settled, or when your shitty shift has finally ended – what is it you are coming back home to? Is it mindful? After all, our bedroom is the direct reflection of not just who we are, but how much we love ourselves. So if you seek a goodnight’s sleep, and the occasional amazing Insta post, this blog just might be right up your alley. Additionally, how to style a bed is much easier to do than Pinterest may have you think.

First things first…


If you’re looking to follow what’s good and what’s trendy right now, the lightweight Scandinavian minimalism takes all the cake here. We’re talking white covers on top of white covers into an infinity of whiteness and purity. 

As long as it’s clean and functional, or “Lagom”, as the Swedes would say. To help put things into perspective, think of Ikea, but with less affordability and more decor. 

1. Cotton Duvet Cover Set from H&M

This soft daydream comes in none other than every pastel cover imaginable. If white is simply… too basic for you, you can swap it with pastel green, pink, or even blue. Whatever floats your boat.

Other than it being soft and highly affordable, these guys make great pics for Instagram and Pinterest, as they are very aesthetically pleasing to both the eye, and your back!


2. Cashmere Blend Duvet Cover & Sham Set from Casaluna

Speaking of chic and highly affordable, this cashmere beauty could be yours for just $99! It’s a great “first coat” for the bed itself before all the fun stuff kicks in. A great canvas, if you will. 


This is exactly the Scandinavian sunlight look we were talking about, from none other than one of Sweden’s biggest Instagram influencers.


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Additionally, make sure your “canvas”, depending on your style, of course, is on the more neutral side, as the accessories that come on top of it are richer in flavor and decor. 

Speaking of rich decore, let’s discuss…


Our personal favorite part of the bed, because it gives it fullness, coziness, and the occasional hug when needed. But pillows don’t just have to be used for our comfort. They can entirely be for decoration purposes, especially if you’re into the whole “I have a thousand tiny pillows on my bed” aesthetic. 


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If your base is very neutral, this gives you the opportunity to play around with cool colors and patterns, as it will genuinely fulfill the look you’re going for.  Let’s say your walls are dark green, your carpet beige, the bedding is a darker beige and you have a lot of plants. Let even put a few lavender lamps in between. 

Choosing a pillow color similar to the accessories you already have around your bed will only put the room together, for a lack of a better term. For example, look at this cozy little green bedroom:


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A post shared by Interior Design (@interiordesignmag)

Minus the dinosaurs, per se…

This one is a great example too. The colors of the curtains and pillows are identical, making a delicate balance and combination with all the other furniture and accessories in the room itself.


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It also gives us that bohemian “messy, but on purpose” vibe not many beds and bedrooms can pull off. Definitely Instagram picture-friendly! Moving on, we have…

 Layers on your Bed

The layers should always be in contrast with the covers, a.k.a., the base. If the base is pale, beige, or white, let the top layer be brown, dark blue, or in some cases even black…Depending on what you’re looking for. But if you are more on the subtle side of things, you can most certainly layer all the softer light tones on top of each other like this:


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Adding three or more shades of the same color is a great method as well, especially for pictures! It looks very sleek, comfy, and even mesmerizing. You could just imagine throwing yourself onto one of these beds and sleeping like a baby. It gives it that cloud vibe, that’s for sure. 

On the other hand, if you’re more of a “pop of color” kind of person, no need to not reflect that part of yourself on your interior as well. Just look at how this bed was “brought to life” with this burnt orange!


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The possibilities are quite literally endless. As long as you follow the aesthetic of your bedroom to begin with, as well as some commonly known color harmonies and rules like what shades go well together and what don’t. 

Bed Styling, Around The Bed!

From curtains to lamps, plants, and carpets – everything and anything could be used to harmonize with your little oasis. The goal is to wake up, and as that first ray of sunshine is peaking through your blinds, you think to yourself: “Wow, this is one hell of a bedroom I’ve built”. The science is pretty simple here too. Here’s the equation:

Neutral bed covers + colorful pillows and curtains + darker-toned bed layers – a Live Laugh Love sign above your bed as we are not in 2011 anymore = perfection.

As written above, you can play with shades, plants, lamps, crystals, and even bed curtains – whatever brings you the most serenity and Instagram likes, sister! And lastly, the nightstand next to your bed. 

If you’re looking for something cozy, add a cute lamp, some candles, and a fake Ikea plant. If you’re looking for “I’m above the age of 40 and very professional” a sleek tech-lamp, a digital clock might do the trick. 

But if you’re like most of us, a half-empty glass of water, chargers, notebooks and the occasional medication are giving “I’m stressed out of my mind” aesthetic Instagram doesn’t need to know about! But don’t worry, you can fix the bed styling before taking a picture for the ’gram. 

We hope this blog has helped or inspired you to make some changes or take more risks when it comes to your bedding, as it can really influence the quality of your sleep, as well as your Instagram engagement! 


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