10 Skincare Products We’re Loving Right Now

Skincare has undoubtedly become one of the most discussed topics in the last couple of years. Beauty brands and established dermatologists have marketed the importance of skincare to the greater public quite well.

From cultural skincare trends from all over the world to your favorite celebrity beauty hacks – we wanted to compile the best and most functional products we could possibly find. Myth or actual life hacks? Proven skincare routines and products for all the skincare addiction peeps out there; best believe GRRRL’s got you covered! 

But before we dive in, let’s just quickly mention the amazing skincare fridge phenomenon.

Mini Skincare Fridge

It’s super beneficial and soothing to add an already cooled-down product right to your face. It “wakes up” the skin by decreasing puffiness and bloating all while tightening the facial area due to the colder temperature being applied. It’s especially amazing when you do so in the morning, just in time to actually wake up and get going! Maybe it’s a good investment to have a  mini-fridge for skincare in your bathroom or even bedroom, huh? Plus, it’s a great skincare organizer! 

Additionally, some online, predominantly Instagram and TikTok, skincare enthusiasts and influencers have brought up a very interesting skincare trend: Ice! They have seemingly taken the cold product bandwagon to a whole new level by massaging their face with ice cubes every morning. 

Apparently, it genuinely helps the skin tighten, prevents premature wrinkles and bloating, and is overall nice to the touch. And this TikTok theory is even backed up by some of the best dermatologists out there!? Who knew you can get flawless skin with just some water and a freezer? Speaking of flawless skin let’s finally start listing some of our 2021 faves!

Go-to Aesthetic Skincare Products 

1. Essential Lip Enhancer Balm by Jouer Cosmetics

Summer or Winter, there never is a shortage when it comes to lip balms. Dryness on and around the lips is one of the most annoying things that may naturally occur throughout the day; especially if there is a lack of water consummation. So, for all you busy ladies and gents out there, better stack up on our hot Summer favorite!

2. The Kissu Lip Mask by Tatcha

Speaking of luscious and red lips, this bad boy has certainly made a name for himself online. Tatcha has also been very popular among some of the biggest online names; especially in the YouTuber realm of the internet, where Tatcha was promoted quite heavily. The infamous face primer was just the tip of the iceberg when promoted by big beauty names like Jackie Aina, Jeffree Star, and many many more! And their lip mask is no different! 


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3. Silymarin CF by SkinCeuticals

This Vitam C serum is specifically crafted for blemished and “troubled” skin, perfect for a skincare routine for acne. Since serums are one of the last steps of your night or morning beauty routine, their texture is very important as they may determine how your skin will be finished off. Well, this lil dude was additionally made for oily skin, leaving you fresh, radiant, and hydrated! Adding this product to your bunch creates the best skincare routine for oily skin!

4. Skinpower Essence by SK-II

This hydration booster is perfect for all anti-aging purposes. It helps you fight texture, wrinkles and leaves your skin extra hydrated throughout the day. Is the SK II Essence worth it? Definitely. Investing in a bottle of skincare every once in a while is worth it, especially if it genuinely works well and gives visible results.

5. Cosmic Cream Heavenly Hydration by Moon Juice

This product is not only suitable for all skin types but was made to help improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Popular amongst many, and used by most – you know exactly your money’s worth with this guy. Additionally, it locks in the skin’s hydration while protecting collagen from oxidative stress! To top it all off, it leaves a very dewy finish, similar to the goal of most Korean and Japanese skincare routines!

6. Rejuvenating Serum by Tata Harper

Predominantly made for oily and combination skin, but can be used by anyone – this product is a serious anti-age badass. It was delicately made to carefully preserve the skin’s youthfulness while helping maintain moisture and hydration. Literally, all you could ever ask from a serum!!

7. Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream by Fenty Skin

Rihanna really wasn’t playing when she created both Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin. So many of her fans and beauty enthusiast SWEAR by her products, and quite frankly, so do we! This gel-cream specifically, as the name suggests, helps the skin recover from all those sleepless and stressful days and nights; all while we’re fast asleep in our beds. 


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It is incredibly weightless on the skin, and it helps fight dullness! Best suited for normal, dry, oily, and combination skin! A diverse queen. 

8. New Day Mist by Playa

We’ve had the creams, the serums, the gels, and the balms; but what about hair products? More specifically, mists?! This sweet little 3-in-1 bottle of hydrating fragrance will keep your hair hydrated, less tired, all while smelling absolutely amazing!  Additionally, it helps keep whatever hairstyle you’re going for alive and breathing throughout the day. 

9. Casablanca Lily Night Veils Extrait de Parfum by Byredo 

Speaking of amazing smells and fragrances, have you heard of this plum/gardenia heavenly perfume? 

“When the last rays of the sun have gone, the most intense fragrance is diffused. Jasmine, lily and rose: many flowers in a powerful sillage unveil their mysteries once night falls.“

So, they are not only keeping it luxurious but poetic, as well. This bottle of perfume is perfect for a romantic night out, or any kind of celebration when the sun has far gone down!

10. Aloe Calming Foaming Wash by The Body Shop

Last, but certainly not least, if you’ve wondered what we have in store when it comes to skincare for sensitive skin, GRRRL’s got you covered yet again. As a matter of fact, The Body Shop’s entire Aloe Vera line is carefully made for peeps with sensitive skin. Zero fragrance, zero irritation-prone ingredients, and 100% natural – your skin will thank you later. If this sounds like something you were looking for, then feel free to go ahead and browse their website for some unique and golden finds! 

Some Skincare Thoughts

It has become more and more respected and normalized to take care of your skin, and that goes for all genders. The bigger the demand, the more diversity amongst the products we can pick and choose from. At the end of the day, skincare is a big testing game before finding what works best for your skin type. The products listed above are just some of the best ones on the market right now.  But hey, we’ll let you be the judge.


GRRRL always offers genuine editorial recommendations. We only recommend products we would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you.

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